Steampunk Eyeball

Dr. Torq’s Steampunk Eye Ball.

The Steampunk Eyeball is a table-top device, that “watches” me as I walk around during a presentation. It uses the color-object tracking capability of the CMU Pixy camera to activate servos, causing the eye to follow a brightly colored piece of clothing I’m wearing. Here’s a demo.

My rationale for my projects is to inspired audience members to pursue their own projects and start a conversation when they see my contraptions. Most of my gizmos simply grab attention and act as conversational ice breakers. Of course, hacking things together myself, also promotes authenticity. Many audience members, conference attendees and geeks are shy. This makes them self-conscious and reluctant to speak up or ask a question. My outlandish thingamajigs cause their curiosity to get the better of them and push them past any apprehension. The more the extreme the “device”, the better.

“Dynamic Conference Audience Visualization and Presentation Apparatus” Camera

Heavily modded Steampunk Logitech Web cam

This is the Logitech C310 Web cam, modded into a brass Steampunk-styled frame. The contraption attaches to a Raspberry Pi and is used to project small micro-controller boards up onto large presentation screens. I use the apparatus during my tech presentations. The device works great on the Pi, along with my LibreOffice slides. It’s easy to switch between the camera and slides, via the wireless keyboard/mouse pad.

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