I transform people’s biggest fear into having fun with an audience.

My premium program combines what I’ve learned through 20+ years of public speaking with radically unorthodox learning methods to deliver a results-driven experience for my quality-oriented clients.

This is no 3-hour workshop. Reprogramming behavior doesn’t happen overnight. You need the most patient, knowledgable, experienced…and responsive consultant you can get to help you step up and comfortably interact with your audience.

Imagine standing in front of an audience, confident in your topic and what you have to say. Now imagine the applause you’ll get at the end and the profound feeling of personal accomplishment in knowing that you did a great job. Whether you want to be the thought leader in your niche, share your hard-earned insights with colleagues, or just finally be able to get out there and “say a few words”, you’ll be ready and might…just might…start looking forward to being in the spotlight.

We’ll bring your dream into sharp focus, identify your demons, and apply my time-tested techniques to rapidly build courage and confidence. We’ll explore and secure speaking opportunities, create interesting talks and presentations, learn how to rehearse (a lot) and fine tune delivery…together. You’ll learn all the tricks. What the pros know. Through it all, I’ll be right there with you, every step of the way guiding and encouraging (probably even pushing) you to continue. It won’t always be easy. Life transformations can be quite challenging. The fact that you are considering a new direction, is a giant step on the road to your ultimate success.

My fee for this premium service is $4,000, plus any applicable and reasonable travel, food and lodging expenses. I require an initial $500 retainer and will thereafter bill monthly.

The program duration is between 3 and 6 months.

I’ll also require access to you through your personal phone number, meeting locations and any speaking venues, such as conferences, board rooms and offices. Confidential information, behaviors, activities, and communications are kept in strictest confidence between myself and you, my client.

Think of this as an investment, that will have a rapid and profound effect on your attitude, outlook and confidence. I’ve seen it and lived it. The results will make you feel awesome.

Give me a call at 407-718-3274 and we’ll set up the initial appointment.

Let’s resolve your fear of speaking once and for all.

Dr. Torq

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