The Inspiration Behind the Dr. Torq brand:

“I’ve been writing for a long time and am published in both print and on the Web. In addition to my interest in micro-controllers, Linux, all things tech, tech media, hacking, and so on…I’m also an old-school hot rodder.

Back in my youth, I had an old 1948 Willys Jeep. At one point I swapped in a 406 cu. in. Chevy V-8, 4-speed transmission, Monster Mudder tires, and a few other performance goodies. Let’s just say…I rarely was outrun from stoplight to stoplight and had no trouble doing doughnuts on insane sand hills, much of the time in two-wheel drive.

A childhood pal, Mark Roberts, rode with me one time and afterwards exclaimed, “I’m going to call you Dr. Torque, from now on, after that ride”, or something to that effect. Actually, he called me “Doc” from then on.

Old Mark passed away years ago, so hopefully this little story helps keep his spirit alive, out in the Ether, as well.

I always liked the nick-name and it’s certainly unique. I’m also a big fan of Steampunk and the “Dr Torq” moniker fits perfectly with that genre. Dr. Torque was unavailable as a Web site name, so I just shortened it to As a side benefit, it’s just 6 letters. Simple and easy to remember.”


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