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Since the Eye Ball project, I’ve reviewed the Pine64 and Artik single board computers. We’ve also covered my friend Rob C’s. CNC manufacturing operation in New Orleans. I’ve also been experimenting with the CHIP computer and a few more ESP8266 projects. Most recently I’m writing a little series on digital sensors. DRTORQ “Off-The-Shelf Hacker” page … Read more

The Steampunk Eye Ball Is Operational

The Steampunk Eye Ball is up and running. It features a copper lightning rod ball, pan and tilt servos, a decorative brass frame and base, along with a Pixy image processing camera inside. You simply sit it on a table, plug in a cell phone power pack and the device will track you as you … Read more

1800 Lb-Ft Of Torque…Electric!

Imagine having 1800 lb-ft of torque under your right foot. Mitch Medford came up with the idea of building high-end electric muscle cars, after seeing a story on the venerable White Zombie 1972 Datsun electric monster. Medford exited the corporate world to work full-time on his dream of building a specialty, high-performance electric classic car … Read more