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Since the Eye Ball project, I’ve reviewed the Pine64 and Artik single board computers. We’ve also covered my friend Rob C’s. CNC manufacturing operation in New Orleans. I’ve also been experimenting with the CHIP computer and a few more ESP8266 projects. Most recently I’m writing a little series on digital sensors. DRTORQ “Off-The-Shelf Hacker” page … Read more

The Steampunk Eye Ball Is Operational

The Steampunk Eye Ball is up and running. It features a copper lightning rod ball, pan and tilt servos, a decorative brass frame and base, along with a Pixy image processing camera inside. You simply sit it on a table, plug in a cell phone power pack and the device will track you as you … Read more

New “Off-The-Shelf-Hacker” Series On

I recently started a brand new column on about hardware hacking. The series walks through tips, techniques and projects for the physical computing hardware hacker. The first edition, “Off-The-Shelf-Hacker: The Physical Computing Stack”, introduced the reader to the exciting new world of off-the-shelf microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, Linux/Free software, NanoLinux systems and companion topics like … Read more

Little Known (And Not Usually Practiced) Presentation Tips

Rand Fishkin has a great piece on little known presentation tips. It’s a long-form story and filled with solid suggestions on getting and holding an audience. From creating tension, to having strong opinions, to including exclusive actionable advice, it’s practical and straightforward common sense.