Off-The-Shelf Hacker: The New Crop of ‘Packaged’ Sensors
TheNewStack – 08/16/2017

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: The Dark Art of Engineering Decisions
TheNewStack – 08/09/2017

Know Your Tools: Pliers and Cutters for the Hardware Hacker
TheNewStack – 08/02/2017

Maker Trends for Summer 2017

TheNewStack – 07/26/2017

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Virtual to Physical with Alexa Using 3 Internet Services
TheNewStack – 07/15/2017

Carnival Barker, Psychologist, Off-The-Shelf Hacker
TheNewStack – 07/08/2017

Add a Basic LED Visual Interface to Your Projects
TheNewStack – 07/01/2017

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Mosquitto under Glass
TheNewStack – 06/24/2017

Stackie the PancakeBot and Its Steampunk Pals Hit Silicon Valley
TheNewStack – 06/17/2017

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Hack the Conference Presentation
TheNewStack – 06/10/2017

STEAMpunking Linux: The Physical Computing Stack
FOSS Force – 08/09/2016

Desktop admins should try Raspberry Pi computers
Tech Target – 06/20/2016


Create A Wearable Video With Kdenlive
Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine – 12/01/2015

Off-The-Shelf-Hacker: Button Pressing Processing on the Pi
TheNewStack – 12/12/2015

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Spin Text And Scroll Objects with Processing
TheNewStack – 12/05/2015

Off-The-Shelf-Hacker: Enrich Your Project with a Processing Sketchbook
TheNewStack – 11/28/2015

Off-The-Shelf-Hacker: Learn to Solder
TheNewStack – 11/21/2015

Off The Shelf Hacker: “Hello World,” Raspberry Pi Style
TheNewStack – 11/14/2015

Off The Shelf Hacker: Run a Slide Deck from the Raspberry Pi
TheNewStack – 11/07/2015

Off The Shelf Hacker: The Physical Computing Stack
TheNewStack – 10/31/2015

Fanless 3.5-inch SBC runs Linux on dual-core Bay Trail
LinuxGizmo – 10/29/2015

Rugged vehicle-PC runs Linux on dual-core 5th Gen Core
LinuxGizmo – 10/27/2015

Get to know the awk command for Linux
Tech Target – 10/06/2015

Hang On To Your Soldering Iron, Here’s a WiFi System on a Chip That Speaks to IoT’s Future
TheNewStack – 09/27/2015

Hacking Hardware: The Never-Ending Saga of Steampunk Name Badge Development
TheNewStack – 08/29/2015

Explore The Pixy Sensor With Mathmatica
Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine – 08/01/2015

Getting Started With Developing Virtual Reality Apps Using Google Cardboard
TheNewStack – 07/14/2015

Getting Started With Developing Virtual Reality Apps Using Google Cardboard
TheNewStack – 07/08/2015

Servo Control With A Yun And A Pi
Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine – 07/01/2015

Made for Makers – Modulo, the Programmable Way to Build Electronics 
TheNewStack – 06/08/2015

Maker creates a steampunk name badge for the wearable computing era
Atmel Blog – 06/06/2015

Hack Your Own Steampunk Arduino/LCD Name Badge
Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine – 06/01/2015

The Magic of Microcontrollers in the Kickstarter Fun Land
TheNewStack – 05/18/2015

New Relic, Networked Wearables and the Conference Badge
TheNewStack – 04/20/2015

How to do an Oscar-worthy hardware demo
Tech Target – 04/01/2015

A Steampunk-Style Name Badge to Mark the Wearable Computing Age
TheNewStack – 03/24/2015

What non-Linux admins need to know about the apt-get tool
Tech Target – 01/15/2015

Getting Started With Node.js on the Hummingboard, a Raspberry Pi Clone
TheNewStack – 01/11/2015

A Data Cloud in Your Driveway in an Event Driven, Microservices World
TheNewStack – 11/11/2015

Boot To Open Source Desktops With Linux On USB Sticks
Tech Target – 10/28/2014

LibreOffice Is A Robust Microsoft Office Alternative
Tech Target – 10/13/2014

Building A Home Security Recipe With A Beagle Bone,The Cloud9 IDE And The Apigee Zetta API
TheNewStack – 10/10/2014

The Different Flavors of IoT APIs
TheNewStack – 10/08/2014

IE Is Everywhere, But Don’t Dismiss Alternative Browsers
Tech Target – 09/24/2014

Building A Media Server With A Raspberry Pi For Streaming Music To A Galaxy S5
theNewStack – 08/22/2014

How To Build A Hummingboard Slide Cam
aNewDomain – 08/13/2014

How To Do Better Hardware Demos
aNewDomain – 08/18/2014

How To Do A Great Hardware Demo
TheNewStack – 08/12/2014

WeIO, A Departure from the Arduino, Programmable in Python and HTML5
TheNewStack – 08/03/2014

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