Dr. Torq (aka: Rob Reilly) is an independent consultant, hacker, engineer, columnist, and speaker specializing in Linux, the physical computing stack, DIY/Maker Movement and the tech media. His “Off The Shelf Hacker” column appears weekly on thenewstack.io. He’s been hired for a variety of engineering, business analysis, and special projects with AT&T, Intermedia, Lockheed-Martin, Martin-Marietta and Dice. Rob’s posted hundreds of feature tech articles for LinuxPlanet.com, Linux Journal magazine, Raspberry Pi Geek magazine, techtarget and others. He is a co-author of “Point & Click OpenOffice.org” and worked as a contributing editor for LinuxToday.com. He’s given tech talks at OSCON, Fossetcon, the Future of Educational Technology Conference (FETC) and other events. Doc has a BS from Purdue University.

He also has a strong interest in Steampunk incorporating those elements into his writing, speaking and prototyping activities. Steampunk is a fascinating mix of modern trends, imagination, futuristic speculation and eclectic characterizations, from the past. It fits in perfectly with Doc’s view of technology, prosperity, Conservative American traditions, and civilized behavior.

Doc uses his given name of Rob Reilly when signing checks and legal documents.

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